Downton Neighbourhood Plan

Could our Neighbourhood Plan be undermined?

Copy of letter sent to Parish Councillors prior to their meeting on 13 July 2020

Reference: Planning and the Downton Neighbourhood Plan.

Dear councillor,

I am writing on behalf of the Downton Society about Persimmon's wish to meet with the Parish council to discuss development of a site adjacent to the Charles Church houses on the A338; and also on the question of updating the Downton Neighbourhood Plan.

Mindful of government imperatives to encourage house building, and the fact that there have been recent cases where independent Inspectors appear to have undermined existing neighbourhood plans, the Downton Society Committee wish to express most strongly their support for the Downton Plan which, following overwhelming community endorsement in a referendum in November 2016, was a dopted by Wiltshire Council in early 2017 and now forms part of the Local Development Plan for the period 2016-2026.

We appreciate that the Parish Council may decide to meet with the developers to learn more about their proposals, but feel equally that this could be a fishing exercise by Persimmon who are well known for their predatory approaches. In which case, we urge the council to robustly oppose any idea of further development at this stage.

We assume new councillors are familiar with the Downton Neighbourhood Plan policies, and in particular the relevant section 9.2 on Housing Development and Homes for Local People, but for ease of reference the following are salient points:

In the context of the above it is important to note that:

We have been assured that no further housing is currently allocated for Downton, but the existing plans only go up to 2026 and we note, in the HSAP, a paragraph which states that "local service centres which serve a surrounding rural hinterland........provide the best opportunities outside Market towns for greater self containment. Levels of housing development envisaged at Mere and Downton fit in with that strategy". This is ambiguous, and we know that housing policy can change - particularly if it is found that Wiltshire have not been able to provide a five year supply of building land as required.

Our Neighbourhood Plan is not anti- development as such, but it favours sustainable change which minimises negative impacts. We are already dealing with pressures on the village infrastructure and incomplete building projects on the A338, and we urge a strong response against development in any discussion with Persimmon.

The Neighbourhood Plan was endorsed by the community less than four years ago, but we note that the PC Housing Development Committee is proposing a review to ensure the Downton Neighbourhood Plan is fit for purpose - i.e updated as necessary in order to meet changing housing policy and likely development challenges . The Downton Society, members of which were involved in the creation of the existing Plan, strongly supports this proposal, and, given the recent news that the validity of plans can be questioned after only two years, we urge that a review - involving the community - starts as soon as possible.

Nikki R Wilson
(Chair, and on behalf of, The Downton Society)