It’s Your Neighbourhood Assessment Day Tuesday 20th July

On a blisteringly hot day, Mrs Lesley Jelleyman came from Lyme Regis to judge our efforts in The Borough. Much needed refreshment was taken in the Borough Cafe and the courtyard admired! She is an experienced Royal Horticultural Assessor, and is busy covering the South-West region.

She inspected the grasses in the Co-op car park, the tubs on the Borough Green and the resident’s efforts with hanging baskets, along with the general tidiness substantially engineered by the Scouts. Two classes from the Primary School exhibited their planted army boots on the railings and then demonstrated their Eco Garden, orchestrated by Jo Wells and Paula Carlton.

The Topiary Cuckoo was available to be reviewed, and the name chosen by the children from about 60 possibilities was endorsed – “Hedgington”. The Downton Band performed beautifully in the heat and had carefully chosen music that did not frighten the cuckoo away! It is very much hoped that a regular place in The Borough will be found for his exhibition. It is looking likely that he/she will be on show at the Chelsea Flower Show in September.

The results of our efforts will be published in September. There was much encouragement from the assessor and much to learn from her expert eye.

It has been a big a big effort by many to make Downton more beautiful. Very many thanks!

Robert Wilcox, for the Downton Society

It’s Your Neighbourhood Final Report

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