Bridge & Cycle/Footpath – Current Status

It was suggested some years ago that it would be a good idea to have a footbridge over the river and a path to connect the two ends of the village. The bridge was to be in the Millenium Green area but the exact location and connecting footpaths were open for discussion particularly with Longford Estates who owned the land. A footpath project was supported in the Neighbourhood Plan and, as a Society, we agreed to it in principle, since it would provide welcome connectivity (away from the main road) between top and bottom ends of the village. However, we also felt that further consultation with the community was needed as plans developed – not least to enable us to understand the route, the impact, the full cost and the ongoing maintenance responsibilities.

Earlier this year, Longford Estates withdrew their in-principle agreement for a bridge and path. This was obviously disappointing to the Working Group who had spent so much time on developing the project, and a press release was issued to the community, stating that they hoped to revive discussions. However, at a Parish Council meeting on 22nd March , it was confirmed that permission to use the land for a bridge and path to South Lane had been firmly withdrawn. The PC is expected to formally announce that the bridge project is suspended.

Below are shown the earlier press release from the PC working group and the letter from Londford Estates confirming some of the understandable reasons why they did not wish to proceed with the project. Anyone wanting fuller background or more detail should refer to the Parish Council website (Go to Council – Committees – scroll down to Bridge Working Group)