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Summer 2022 - Newsletter for Members

Dear members,

We are sorry to have to change the date of the AGM, but postponing it means that we are able to combine the meeting with an opportunity to mingle over a drink & light refreshments after the event.

There is much to discuss about the way forward for the Society. The Committee has continued to work hard – monitoring planning applications and responding to unsustainable developments (such as the Formula Land proposal), engaging in Parish Council working groups and Neighbourhood planning, pressing for housing needs an traffic surveys, attending Conservation and Civic Society meetings, planting up tubs and maintaining footpaths, and recently opening up Moviola films once again. But, with two years of effective shut down because of Covid, there has been scant opportunity to fully engage with members or volunteers

We hope the AGM might be a turning point. We plan to review some of the positive things that we do in the Village. Our actions are not always associated with the Society and we feel we need to be more effective at publicising them. To this end, we will be revamping our website and starting up a Facebook page, and if anyone is interested in helping with creative content we would welcome their input. We are also looking for one or two committee members – so if you are interested in Downton and its environment, in planning or the community and the shape of how things could be in the future – please put yourself forward. There are many new residents in the village, too, who may have fresh ideas (and energy!); please encourage any who you think might be interested in the aims of the Society to come along.

We want to look forward positively. The AGM will not be long but we would like to know what you think should be the Society’s priorities. The Committee also wants to acknowledge people whose support has been particularly appreciated over the last 2-3 years including our associates, volunteers and members who, despite the lack of summer parties, wine evenings and talks, have continued to help keep the show on the road.

Thank you.

We all look forward to seeing you on the 25th August.

Nikki RW

N Ratcliffe Wilson
(Chair, the Downton Society)