Letter to Members - May 2020

Downton Society Lockdown Newsletter

Dear Downton Society member,

Last week, in normal times, we would have held the Downton Society AGM. There would have been Moviola and a footpath group walk over Martin Down and the InBloom team would have been planting up tubs and organising a delivering of hanging baskets for the village. Instead, we are all still falling back on our own resources.

The announcement by the government of a road map for exiting lockdown is encouraging, and some members will be going back to work, but progress will be slow and, as a Society, we are unlikely to hold any social gatherings for a while (though your committee are exploring options).

What we do have, though, is an uplifting opportunity to enjoy our gardens and the wider environment. Members report that they've had time to explore the many footpaths round the village, others confirm that gardens and allotments have been therapeutic - a source of pleasure (and exercise). One resident is planting a patch of sunflowers; others encouraging wildlife with feeding tables and bird boxes which bring sound colour and movement. Even those without gardens can enjoy house plants or cultivating herbs and window boxes.

So with summer round the corner, and garden centres opening, we feel that we should celebrate the In Bloom spirit by running a competition for members and their families. It's quite simple and prizes will be awarded.

Bloom in Downton

SHOW US THE JOYS OF YOUR LOCKDOWN GARDEN or ALLOTMENT - whether shrubs in full bloom, a rainbow of colour in a border, the tallest sunflower or a shady retreat; take pictures of butterflies, visiting birds, or an abundance of home grown vegetables.

SEND IMAGES and PHOTOS TO rick@rlsoftware.co.uk

KEEP AN EYE ON THE SOCIETY WEBSITE where images will be placed until they are judged at the end of July. There will be prizes for the winning entries.

CLOSING DATE : Sunday 26th July

Meanwhile, back to reality: for those who are still concerned about conflicting messages about the lifting of lockdown restrictions, we suggest the government website: http://www.gov.uk/government/Coronavirus outbreak (go to FAQ , or 'What you can do and what you can't do'). The Wiltshire council website is also useful for local information on things such as recycling, and is being regularly updated.

Stay safe, be happy

Nikki Wilson and all the Downton Society team.